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Benefits of stump grinding

Efficient, high power machines

We use high-quality machines which include stump grinders, garden mattocks and chainsaws; depending on the size, girth and strength of the tree roots. Our stump grinders have high horsepower and a sharp and flexible cutting disk to ground the roots into small pieces. Vertical stump grinders also can be used to get rid of stubborn roots

Stump grinding is beneficial in many ways. The leftover wood can be used as mulch. Mulch improves soil quality, acts as a fertilizer, controls weeding and is very good to level your ground effectively. Also, stump grinding is a cost-effective option when compared to stump removal.

Tree stump grinding

Though the terms sound similar tree stump grinding is different from tree stump removal. In tree stump grinding, first the tree is cut down an inch or two below ground level. The roots are then finely ground into tiny pieces. Jeff Rowlett Tree Surgery provides high-quality stump grinding service using efficient machines.

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